2018 Legislative Recap

Our state legislature has adjourned. We are safe for another year (mostly). This was a particularly heavy year for ocean related proposals but we did the best we could. Below are just some of the reasons your membership is so important:


  • A sunscreen ban (oxybenzone). The 2017 bill (which we helped kill) would have made you the “sunscreen police” placing enforcement of the ban on your customers right on your shoulders. This year’s bill took that out resulting in only a retail sales ban effective 1/1/21.
  • A resolution (legislative request) for agencies to ID Best Practices to address biofouling in harbors for next year.


  • A propeller ban for all motorized boats in near shore waters.
  • Expanding the definition of “commercial activity” used by DLNR to assess the 3% boating fee.
  • Establishing penalties and fines for all anti-(sting) ray actions.
  • Establishing limited liability for lifeguards (could be a forerunner for liability exemptions for ocean tourism).
  • Appropriate $$$$ for a day use mooring buoy program and after spending the appropriation, then establish user fees to sustain the cost.
  • Make use permits for Ala Wai subject to renewal by auction (a very bad precedent for commercial users).
  • Require rules to regulate noise in harbors.
  • Transfer the small boat harbor program from DLNR back to Dept. of Transportation.
  • Transfer Kihei Small Boar Harbor to the Kahoolawe Island Reserve Commission for them to run.
  • Set up a special Enforcement Division in the Attorneys General office for DLNR violations.
  • Adopt rules to regulate watersport excursion companies.
  • Authorize a Lipoa Point user access fee program charging $___ per passenger on the boat.
  • Appropriate money for a training academy for DOCARE officers.
  • Ban alcohol and drinking while in state waters and less than 1000 feet from the shore or beach.


  • Provides for wage secrecy for current and prospective employees (can not disclose, discuss or inquire about current or past wages).
  • Establishes a paid family leave program. Both employee and employer pay into a fund. For now the law only authorizes a study group to come up with how long, how much, etc.
  • Further clarifies employee marijuana use with a medical certificate. We got the language prohibiting an employer from discharging, disciplining or discriminating removed but the subject will come back next year.


  • Raise the minimum wage to $15.00 in 2020.
  • For a company with 50 employees or more require paid meal breaks and rest periods.
  • Provide all employees with advance notice of work schedule changes in advance and if not pay OT.
  • Require all employers to provide paid sick leave.

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