HB1460 – Support – Funding for Day-Use Moorings

Defines “state boating facility” to include any day-use mooring buoy system. Authorizes funds from the boating special fund to be used for any day-use mooring buoy system in the State.

OTC is in STRONG SUPPORT of HB 1460. This language would allow the Boating Special Fund to be used in support of the State Wide Day Use Mooring Program. This program was started nearly 30 years ago but has never had t~e support of the Boating Division because Boating Special Funds could npt ee used. With this bill in place, DOBOR can work with the Commercial Operators to collect moneys specifically for the Day Use Mooring Program which will be utilized to install
additional Day Use Moorings as well as maintain the existing ones.

Day Use Moorings are one of the most effective methods to eliminate accidental Coral damage due to vessel anchoring. It is OTC’s goal to see Day Use Moorings established in every area utilized by vessels for access to snorkel dive sites across the State. HB 1460 provides the mechanism for the Boaters to fund this worthy project through DOBOR with no additional money from the State coffers.

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