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The Ocean Tourism Coalition is a non-profit 501c-6 corporation composed of owners of ocean tourism companies throughout the State of Hawaii. We exist in order to perpetuate, protect and serve our industry.

OTC is very active on the legislative front providing both offense and defense to legislative measures that will either benefit or impair the industry.

Members are kept up to date with rules and regulations so they are aware of what is “coming down the pike”. Many of those rules and regulations can often be very costly even to the point of affecting your business income or your very existence. OTC members are aware of these issues coming down the road and can structure their business and model it appropriately.

Additionally, we interact with administrative agencies including the Department of Transportation, Department of Land and Natural Resources and in some cases,
the counties.

The Ocean Tourism Coalition originally started as McBoat – Maui County Boat Operators and Affiliated Transporters. However, soon after accomplishing a number of major goals it was determined that this was a great prototype for a statewide association.

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