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“There is no other organization in the State that focuses specifically on our Ocean Tourism Industry. We have clout in the legislature and collectively we can continue to influence the legislation that helps us not just survive but thrive.”   – Jim Coon, Owner of Trilogy Excursions (Maui) & President of OTC

“As a long-time ocean tourism operator in Kona, we have been members of OTC since its inception, and are better for it. We are active in the organization and are thankful for the hands-on relationship President Jim Coon has made over the decades with our state legislatures as well as BLNR and DLNR. Working to understand their intentions with bills, while making them aware of our needs, and compromising whenever possible to come up with win-win results. There is a very active and well-versed OTC board representing our industry professionally and timely. it’s a smart organization to belong to and support because it’s the only ocean tourism organization lobbying our concerns loud and clear. Membership fees are minimal compared to the “proposed DLNR increased fees” OTC fought and prevented over the years.”  – Mendy Dant, Executive Vice President of Fair Wind Cruises & Kona Sunrise Charters (Big Island), & Secretary of OTC

“I value OTC advocacy with government. As a small business owner, I don’t have the time or expertise to do it on my own.”   – Anonymous

“OTC takes a stand on issues that will protect our businesses and our economy. We don’t have to jeopardize our relationship with DLNR if we are concerned because OTC will speak on all our industry’s behalf in a professional manner.”   – Anonymous