OTC fought for and got the first day use mooring permits despite environmental opposition saying we would damage the environment. We want to be known as the people who leave only bubbles.

OTC was a prime mover of legislation to create the Small Business Regulatory Review Board allowing for a Small Business Bill of Rights to be enacted and an appeals mechanism to protest burdensome and nonsensical regulations.

OTC modified proposals that would have eliminated the penalty waiver provision of the Small Business Regulatory Review Board for environmental violations.

OTC has been a prime proponent of the concept that berthing rights are essential to the continuation of the business and unless a permittee is in violation of laws, the renewal of the slip should be protected.

OTC fought for an increase in slip fees to head off efforts by some who think we should pay even more, like 10 – 15% of our gross revenue. This helped to lock in fees and generated income to DOBOR which in turn allowed them to receive $10 – $15 million a year of “free” federal money for harbors.

OTC got the first piece of legislation passed in 2008 that allows for interharbor use without the payment of additional fees.

OTC sponsored the resolution to encourage a haul-out facility for Maui and the Big Island.

OTC rewrote proposed salvage laws so the owner has first crack at getting his vessel off the reef his way instead of letting DLNR do it any old way.

OTC intervened in legislation to set fines of up to $10,000 per square meter of damaged stony coral in 2008. More to come in 2009.

OTC killed proposals to ban any commercial activity in Marine Life Conservation Districts on Maui, Kauai, Hawaii and Oahu.

Because OTC exists we often get a seat at the table and sometimes can request a veto of bad rules or laws before they get too far down the road.

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