What is that 5th quarter billing that OTC sends out once a year?

What is that 5th quarter billing that OTC sends out once a year? It is a voluntary bill asking for you to strongly consider a donation equal to one quarter’s dues for the Ocean Tourism Coalition Political Action Committee.

As you know, OTC is extremely active at the Legislature fighting on your behalf. As such, we interface with a lot of legislators. We are basically asking for their help. Business and industry groups have a particularly hard time doing that since we do not vote. Yes, our members do and our employees do but most legislators know that members of those groups don’t normally vote in blocks so you’re really not of much help to a legislator to get re-elected. There is a way however that we can be of help and that is to make a donation to their campaign. This is not bribe money; it usually is money that is spent on brochures or postage or even meals for their campaign workers. Frankly, we don’t care what they use it for as long as it helps them and they feel that it helps them and that they know that it came from us.

We cannot use your dues automatically for these kinds of expenditures. It must come from voluntarily donated money. The best way we could think of to calculate that is to use one quarter dues and ask that you pay into it once a year. Most of our members do pay into that fund and we can tell you that it certainly makes a difference.

Why OTC? Why YOU should be in OTC.
Americans have demonstrated since day one that there is more power in an organized group rather than in the actions
of a few.

OTC has taken on the battles for the Ocean Tourism Industry. All have received a benefit, members and non-members.
Every battle costs time and time is money. So who paid for these battles?…the members.

Isn’t it your turn to step up to the plate?
OTC Battles
OTC fought for and got the first day use of mooring pins despite environmental opposition saying we would damage the environment. We want to be known as the people who leave only bubbles.
OTC has been a prime proponent of the concept that berthing rights are essential to the continuation of the business and unless a permittee is in violation of laws, the renewal of the slip should be protected.
OTC got the first piece of legislation passed in 2008 that allows for certain interharbor use without the payment of additional fees.
OTC intervened in legislation that was in “inches” of passing to set fines of up to $10,000 per square meter of damaged stony coral.
OTC has consistently killed proposals to ban any commercial activity in Marine Life Conservation Districts on Maui, Kauai, Hawaii and Oahu.
OTC successfully stalled a bill to assess $5.00 per passenger on every commercial tour to Molokini.
OTC successfully stopped at the very last step in the legislative process, a 40% increase in commercial fees.
Amended salvage bills to provide the owner first shot at removing his own grounded vessel.
Provided successor language to the law for transfer of a commercial permit to benefit the current owner.
Got the auction and 20 year maximum permit provision for parasailing changed to a year to year permit like all others.
OTC killed a proposal for three (3) years in a row to allow the Kaho’olawe Island Reserve Commission the power to confiscate and sell your vessel for violation of any of their rules.
OTC has softened the impact of dozens of administrative rules on fines, penalties, the renewal process, damage reports, scuba diver regs and fee proposals to benefit ocean tourism owners.

AND, MORE!!! For the money you pay, OTC returns far more.

The legislative session starts in January every year and promises to hold surprises (mostly not good surprises) for our industry. Will you help us to help you? Will you be in the know or only read about it later and say “why didn’t someone tell me”?

Please consider making a 5th quarter donation to the OTC PAC.

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